The Pacific Coast region of Colombia continues to be a natural paradise.  The extensive rainforests are teaming with flora and fauna spilling unto beautiful beaches and bays full of marine life including humpback whales. Besides the port of Buenaventura, only small fishing villages dot the coastline.  The small communities of Nuqui and Bahia Solano have become the entryways to visit this mesmerizing region.  From here we are able to take small boats to our eco-reserve, El Amargal, that will allow us to experience the wonders of the rainforest and the Pacific coastline.  We will interact with the people of Arusi sharing with them their tradition of music and dance as well as enjoy their new sport of surfing.  We will search for wildlife in the jungle and by snorkeling in the sea.  This region is considered remote and visitors are few.  Slowly it is being discovered, but hopefully its magic will be preserved.  Our intention here is to explore and learn so that we may share in the responsibility of protecting this incredible wonder

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