Why Colombia!

  • Colombia is a paradise of biodiversity!  Ecosystems from mountain glaciers to tropical seas, rainforests to deserts:

  • 1st in birds and orchids

  • 2nd in plants, amphibians, fish and butterflies

  • 3rd in reptiles and palms

  • 4th in mammals

  • 50 thousand kinds of flowers.

  • A different edible fruit or seed for every day of the year.

  • We are major exporters of carnations, roses and orchids, bananas, avocados, and uchuvas and of course the 3rd largest producer of coffee in the world.

  • We speak Spanish and 65 indigenous languages and we move the world with over 1000 native musical rhythms.  

  • There are over 48 million Colombians inhabiting 2 million km  of land and sea.

  • Smiles and laughter, song and dance overflow at more than 700 festivals every year.

  • Colombia is a rich land, with beautiful and generous people whose friendliness encourages you to visit and share its warmth.

We offer incredible trips to the heart of the Andes Mountain’s coffee region and colonial villages of its highlands, to the national parks and historical cities of the Caribbean Coast, to the unique, natural, unspoiled Pacific Coast and to the majestic Amazon river and rainforest.


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