Sun, Beach, Sea, History!  That’s why.

  • Cartagena has been named one of the ten most important travel destinations by organizations like Diners and Lonely Planet.
  • The secluded beaches of Tayrona National Park were recently listed within the 10 best of the world.
  • Cartagena offers the walled city to explore in its entire splendor.  You will live history here.
  • Enjoying the natural beaches of Tayrona National Park, hiking up to the archeological site of Pueblito Viejo and meeting with elders of the Kogui community will make you feel like you have just landed with the crew of the Pinta and Santa Maria.
You are sure to relax with the people of this land who are never in a hurry and love to soak up the sun.  It is better to let the rhythm of the cumbias, vallenatos and the waves of the sea carry you along.
If hiking the ancient trails of Tayrona National Park seem too much, but there is interest to learn about the natural environment of this coastal region and the history and culture of its people, visiting the natural reserve of Sanguare is an alternative that can be considered.  This reserve is only 1.5 hours by bus from Cartagena as opposed to a 3 hour bus ride from Tayrona.  The reserve offers participants a plunge into the sea, snorkeling around the beautiful San Bernardo Islands.  Local artisans will teach the art of weaving with cane and palm leaves and two special excursions will allow participants to experience becoming a phosphorescent sea creature and seeing many of the coastal wildlife found on the reserve

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