The Amazon rainforest is the largest reserve of natural resources in the world, representing 54% of the total rainforest on Earth. The motor of this rainforest or jungle is the Amazon River, which flows over 6,900 kilometers from the snowcaps of Mismi, Peru to the mouth in Brazil where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
It is considered the lungs of the planet, since the Amazon produces 20% of the oxygen on Earth. It contains the highest diversity of plants and animals per meter, and is still considered a relatively unexplored source of plants with unlimited natural and medical applications. Within this forest there exists almost 215 indigenous tribes, speaking 170 different languages who are the primary sources of knowledge regarding the many mysteries of the Amazon.
Traveling a small part of the Amazon is like entering into the mystery and majesty of an undiscovered world.
Our excursion is a 5 day program that combines getting to know local inhabitants, travelling to areas of beauty and richness such as Leticia, Monkey Island,  the special reserve of Marasha in Peru, and Puerto Narino, the first ecological town in Colombia, plus the Natural Reserve of Eware where you will take a trip to Tarapoto Lake.  This is a magical place to do bird watching, native fishing and view the pink dolphins.


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