PCT Colombia

PCT Colombia was founded in 1990 by Daniel Skillings and quickly was the representative of important organizations such as USA CUP and Camp Counselors USA.  Working with Directors from several important bilingual schools of Bogota, Daniel developed the International Colombian Cultural Exchange Program as early as 1995.
He has been the forerunner of initiatives in Colombia that have worked hard to show the positive side of a country undergoing tremendous transformations.
He, along with a very dynamic staff at PCT Colombia, have helped thousands of young Colombians have important travel experiences.
By 2007, thousands of Colombian students had international experiences abroad, and in this year, the reciprocal exchange began, allowing for hundreds of North American students to travel to Colombia.
Through each of our programs, students from the USA and Colombia are able to fully experience, understand and share the Colombian and American cultures.

Meet The Team

Daniel Skillings

Daniel is originally from New Ulm, Minnesota and has lived in Colombia since 1986.  He is joyfully married to Connie Neira of Bogota. Together they have two sons, Nathan and Nico and a daughter, Sharon. Daniel graduated from the University of St. Thomas majoring in International Relations and is certified in Pastoral Theology from College of St. Catherine.  Travelling as a student, Daniel was introduced to the amazing country of Colombia.  Returning after graduating, he worked as a 5th grade teacher at Colegio San Carlos in Bogota and quickly began to develop a company, PCT Colombia, offering cultural and sports exchange programs for students of Colombia. Working with Directors from several bilingual schools of Bogota, Daniel developed the International Colombian Cultural Exchange Program as early as 1995.  He has helped thousands of young Colombians have important travel experiences.   Today, many young students from the US and Canada have also had inspiring experiences in Colombia due to these important initiatives.  Daniel hopes to continue working hard to share in the development of future leaders who understand that we are all in this world together and we have to work across cultures for a secure future for all the Earth’s inhabitants.    

Claudia Villamil

Claudia has been passionate about traveling since she was 15 years old and made her first trip to the USA in an exchange program. After this she never stopped traveling; she took an immersion program in English in 2000, in 2005 she joined a work and travel program and in 2009 she worked in a summer camp as a trips counsellor. Since 2006, she has worked promoting a wide portfolio of programs and studies abroad, in the US, Canada and Colombia. These experiences have convinced her that her main purpose in life is to help others to live international experiences that will help them to become better professionals and citizens of the world.

Being an international student has been one of the best experiences in her life. Learning  from different cultures in two different continents and being able to experience the world from a local point of view, became big steps towards discovering her passion for internationalization. Parallel to this, more than four years abroad studying  and sharing the Colombian culture reinforced her desire to help close those cultural gaps  and misconceptions . She  finds education the key towards understanding one another and loves to share her passion for travelling and learning new things daily. 

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